Ken Chute

Singer House

1318 Singer Place

If you grew up in Wilkinsburg, you very likely heard of the Singer house, often called the Singer Mansion. It is from a time when Wilkinsburg was more country than city. It is a one of a kind place with overtures to the medieval world. Construction began in the summer of 1863 at about the time of the Battle of Gettysburg James Van Trump points out. John F. Singer, the owner died at the age of 56. The house suffered neglect, vandalism, and a fire but it has found appreciation and renewed life.

The Sacred Journey of Life moved from the Singer house in 2022. Sacred Journey of Life is a nonprofit association formed “for the purpose of providing education on spiritualist principles and to provide opportunities for personal growth and development.” Their website has the quote, “Do not be a living thing; be a living soul.”

The earlier 1st Spiritualist Church of Pittsburgh also met at the Singer house.