Wilkinsburg Sacred Spaces Guide

The purpose of this website is to encourage folks to save religious and cultural and community and family history, to write down memories and stories, to photograph what might vanish or be forgotten. We live in a heritage passed along by those before us and we can pass along our heritage as a gift to the future.

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We give thanks for the work of the Wilkinsburg Public Library and the Wilkinsburg Historical Society for saving and sharing history.

Nearly all the URLs (web addresses) on the site are active links that go to the page.

Each of the congregation names is an active link that goes straight to the congregation page.

Letter Links:


◾ Advent Lutheran Church
◾ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 
◾ An‑Nur Islamic Center
◾ Arc Ministry
◾ Arc of the Covenant UHCA

◾ Beth Israel Congregation of Wilkinsburg
◾ Be Made Whole Ministries
◾ The Bible Chapel
◾ Biddle Avenue United Evangelical Church

◾ Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church
◾ Christ Church
◾ Christ Evangelical United Brethren in Christ
◾ Christian Church of Wilkinsburg
◾ Christian Society of Wilkinsburg
◾ Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
◾ Covenant Church of Pittsburgh: Bishop Joseph Garlington Center
◾ Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church
◾ Covenant Whosoever Will Church
◾ Covenanter Church

◾ Dunamis Baptist Church of Wilkinsburg

◾ East End Presbyterian Church
◾ El-BethEl Temple
◾ Eternal City Church
◾ Ethnan Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church
◾ Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Advent

◾ First Christian Church of Wilkinsburg
◾ First Church of Christ, Scientist
◾ First Presbyterian Church
◾ First Spiritualist Church
◾ First United Presbyterian Church

◾ Gethsemane Holiness Church of God in Christ
◾ God’s Re-creation Christian Center
◾ Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church
◾ Grace United Evangelical Church

◾ James Street Methodist Episcopal Church

◾ Mifflin Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church
◾ Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church
◾ Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
◾ Muhammad Mosque 22
◾ Mulberry Community Church
◾ Mulberry Presbyterian Church
◾ Mulberry Project

◾ New Testament Baptist Church
◾ Norwood Presbyterian Church

◾ Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ
◾ Praise Center Ministries

◾ Redeemed Christian Church of God
◾ Refuge Church of God in Christ

◾ Sacred Journey of Life
◾ Second Presbyterian Church
◾ Second United Presbyterian Church
◾ Shalom Apostolic Church
◾ Shiloh Apostolic Church
◾ Singer Chapel
◾ South Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church
◾ South Avenue United Methodist Church
◾ St. James Church of St. Mary Magdalene Parish
◾ St. Mark A.M.E. Church
◾ St. Mark A.M.E. Zion Church
◾ St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
◾ St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
◾ Swissvale Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

◾ Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church
◾ Trinity Reformed Church of Wilkinsburg
◾ Trinity Temple Church
◾ Triune Baptist Church
◾ Trinity Lutheran Church of the Deaf

◾ Union Gospel Church
◾ United Brethren in Christ

◾ Victory Global Ministries of Pittsburgh

◾ Waverly Presbyterian Church
◾ Wilkinsburg Assembly of God
◾ Wilkinsburg Baptist Church
◾ Wilkinsburg Church of the Nazarene
◾ Wilkinsburg Manor Evangelical Lutheran Church
◾ Wilkinsburg Methodist Episcopal Church
◾ Wilkinsburg Pentecostal Church