>Covenant Fellowship<br>Reformed Presbyterian Church
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Covenant Fellowship
Reformed Presbyterian Church

1300 Swissvale Ave. between Hill Ave. and Glenn Ave,

The Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church on their home page tells, “Our focus is on living as a Christ-like community as we seek to love our neighbors in a region that has suffered economically and relationally in recent decades.” The beautiful music of the choir was one of the highlights of Sacred Spaces II. The words of the music are from the Book of Psalms.

One of the goals is, “To conduct activities that enhance and promote the community of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.”

Among the church’s ministries is Wilkinsburg Christian Housing. The program works to restore abandoned housing and to encourage the participation of other churches.

The congregation has pollinator gardens and an orchard called “Grace & Fruit.“

The church opened its building to the non-profit organization “Opening Doors For Youth and Families.” This group is active in a variety of ways including food distribution, activities for youngsters, and neighborhood clean-up.

>Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church
Pawsburgh Photography